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Association founded in 1987

Our Association

The "Conseil International d'Études Francophones" (CIÉF), or "Council of International Francophone Studies," is a non-profit association whose aim is to encourage interdisciplinary studies, research, and publications concerning all countries and regions of French expression. Anchored in North America where it was born, the CIÉF is designed for those who belong to French-speaking communities as well as those who are interested in the Francophone world.

Our Membership

CIÉF members are primarily teachers and scholars, but also writers and artists. Although the majority are located in the United States and Canada, the membership includes many representatives of Africa, Asia, Oceania, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Our Convention

Each year the CIÉF organizes a conference in a Francophone region of the world, bringing together 300 to 600 participants: scholars, critics, writers, and journalists from every Francophone country and region in the world. In addition to approximately one hundred interdisciplinary panels, the convention welcomes many Francophone writers (37 at the 2004 convention in Liège, for example) and organizes literary readings, meetings, and round tables with writers and artists. The convention also offers receptions sponsored by diplomatic delegations, local universities, and municipalities. Several excursions are organized during each convention. A local bookseller is also present at each convention, offering a large choice of publications in Francophone studies as well as books by authors who are present at the convention and books discussed during convention panels.

The CIÉF has held its convention in Guadeloupe, Montreal, Fort de France, Tucson, Strasbourg, Casablanca, Québec, Charleston, Toulouse, Lafayette (Louisiana), Portland (Maine), Abidjan, New Orleans, Liège, Ottawa-Gatineau, Sinaïa, Cayenne, Limoges, New Orleans, Montreal, Aix-en-Provence, Thessaloniki, and Mauritius. The next conference (2014) will take place in San Francisco.

Our Scholarly Journal

Twice a year the CIÉF publishes a refereed journal, Nouvelles Études Francophones (NEF), formerly Études Francophones, which is distributed to current CIÉF members as well as to libraries and academic associations throughout the world. On our secure site, one may subscribe to the journal, purchase back issues, individual articles, and offprints of articles, as well as advertising space.

Our Conseil International d'Études Francophones Award

At each convention the CIÉF bestows the Conseil International d'Études Francophones award (previously entitled the “Prix Maurice Cagnon") in homage to Maurice Cagnon, the CIÉF's founder in 1987. This award is given to one person, sometimes two people, for their exceptional contribution to the development of Francophone studies in the world. In 2008, the award was given to Paule Constant and René Depestre, in 2007 to Ananda Devi, in 2006 to Maryse Condé, in 2005 to Kama Sywor Kamanda and Naïm Kattan, in 2004 to Pierre Mertens, in 2003 to Marie-Claire Blais. See the list of recipients over the years.

Our Young Scholar Award

In order to encourage and help young scholars pursue their research in Francophone studies, an award in the amount of US $ 600 is given for the best doctoral student paper at each convention. See the Young Scholar page for details.

Our Discussion List

In October 2003, the CIÉF created an electronic discussion list for the exclusive use of the members of our association. This list serves to broadcast news, calls for papers, and all academic topics of interest to the CIÉF membership. In 2007, the CIÉF created a bi-montly newsletter, sent to members of the association through its distribution list.

Our Electronic Newsletter

Twice a month (except during summer break in July and August), the CIÉF sends out an electronic newsletter to all members through its distribution list. This newsletter contains news from CIÉF members, publication announcements, calls for papers or articles, and announcements of conventions. A month after its private distribution on the list, this newsletter is placed on the public archives page.

Our Online Store

At the CIÉF's online store you will find clothing and objects bearing the CIÉF logo, which you can purchase to support our association and to wear our colors at the annual conventions as well as throughout the year.